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As part of our sustainability efforts, we currently practice eco-cleaning. Guests will enjoy a daily eco-cleaning, with a full cleaning occurring on the 2nd day of your stay. Should you require an additional full cleaning, please contact the front desk (charges apply).

Freedom to enjoy, discover in your own style

There are numerous ways to collect memorable moments, from experiencing the nature outdoor, gourmet explorations in Furano and Biei, relax with a glass of wine on the hotel terrace, soak in the bath or simply do nothing at all.

Nozo Hotel is your hub to have a fulfilling time.

Nozo Hotel is located in the nature-rich town of Furano, Hokkaido, which is situated in the center of Hokkaido. To the east, you can enjoy the view of the Tokachi Mountain Range, while to the west, the Yubari Mountains can be seen. The hotel is surrounded by numerous unique Hokkaido trees, creating a vast landscape that cannot be experienced in mainland Japan. In spring, you can witness the gushing water flow of the rivers when the snow melts. In summer, the land is adorned with a variety of colours, including lavender. Autumn brings the harvest festival, and in winter, the area is enveloped in white high-quality powder snow, making it enjoyable throughout the year.

Adventure activities to absorb the energy of the northern land

Furano and Biei are blessed with vast hills and landscapes that extend from the Tokachi Mountain Range, leaving visitors in awe. Enjoy activities such as cycling, rafting, snow sports, trekking, paragliding, hot air balloon, walks, golf, and more, and savour the clear streams and forests that are unique to this region.

Let's go see the lavender in Furano!

The allure of Furano and Biei lies in their natural landscapes. Vast hills that extend endlessly, adorned with colourful patchwork patterns, and enchanting sights like the mystical, naturally formed Blue Pond. These captivating sceneries have fascinated many photographers.

Farm to Table

Furano and Biei are renowned as a treasure trove of ingredients in Hokkaido. From the fertile land, you can indulge in the safe and locally grown produce such as melon asparagus, potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, wheat, milk, cheese, beef, and wine.

Exploring Furano's Filming Locations - Popular Instagramable Spots

The captivating environment of Furano and Biei has been meticulously portrayed in dramas and art.

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms are created with contemporary simplicity, compactly designed with the essential items to provide a functional and convenient space. The overall tone is characterized by light wood tones, representing the spirit of Hokkaido, bringing a clean and bright comfort even during long stays.

The bathrooms are designed in a contemporary style, with a calm tone of grey stone and modern storage solutions, creating a sleek and organised atmosphere.
There are eight different types of rooms available for your selection.

Sugi Spa

Within our facility, you will find a spacious bathing area adorned with lush greenery and natural lighting. It features a water bath and sauna. Water is an essential element for maintaining the health of both body and mind, and immersing yourself in hot water helps to restore your body's condition. Whether it is after engaging in sports or activities or simply to unwind from the day's fatigue, our spa provides a soothing experience to make your stay even more comfortable.

Dine and Drinks

At Nozo Hotel, you will find a restaurant, offering international cuisine, a bar lounge, and a bakery. The restaurant and bar lounge are situated in an open space, creating a sense of unity. The interior is designed with a natural and warm ambiance, incorporating wood, textiles, and stonework. Guests can also enjoy an alfresco outdoor terrace area, where you can dine in a resort like atmosphere.
In the bakery, we provide fresh, daily baked breads, sandwiches, and patisseries. Feel free to enjoy them as dine-in or with the convenience of takeout.



Sugi Spa
Sugi Spa
Kashiwa Function Room
Kashiwa Function Room
Kids Room
Kids Room
Ski Locker
Ski Locker


From Asahikawa Airport:

Shuttle Bus: It takes 1.5 hours.
Train: It takes approximately 1hour.
Driving: It takes approximately 1hour.

From Chitose Airport:

Shuttle Bus: It takes 2-3hours.
Train: It takes approximately 3hours 15mins.
Driving: Approximately 2-3hours.

Rental car/private transfer: Please contact Nozo Hotel.